Best Opening Lines to Start a Conversation on Dating Apps

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Best Opening Lines to Start a Conversation on Dating Apps

When you download a dating app and start to get matched with someone you like; it is amazing. But; you feel a little intimidated because you are probably thinking what to say as an opening line; how to break the ice and start a conversation on dating chats. Fortunately for you; we will help you with this so relax.

First of all; there are many ways to spark a conversation with someone; your potential date. Sometimes; simply greeting works the best. Sometimes; your match expects something original or fun. But; there are some conversation starters that help people connect instantly.

Want to hear the secret?

You should take a closer look at your matches’ dating profiles and dissect their interests. Make reference to their interests or ask a question based on them. This way; you guarantee a response back because you show that you’re interested in your match and want to learn more about them. Everyone would like attention in the ‘getting to know’ process so you boost your chances of getting a reply back on dating sites.

Now that you know the secret and right strategy; we’ll show you some examples to benefit when you flirt for free; chat and meet new people on a relationship app.

1. Make Pop Culture References:

If you see that your match write something about his or her fav TV shows or movies; asking something about it is a good ice breaker. Examples are;

* How you doin’? (If your match is into Friends)

* Have you watched the Oscars this year? Doesn’t Leonardo DiCaprio deserve another win?

* What was the first movie you saw in the theater as a kid?

2. Talk About Your Shared Interest:

You can easily discover new people with similar tastes on dating websites and apps. Why not show how compatible you are to your match?

* Did you grow up in Rotterdam too? What’s your fav spot for lazy Sundays?

* As a fellow Parisian; I have to ask… which patisserie is your fav?

* What’s your favorite part of living in New York?

* I might be the biggest travel lover; I see you visited so many countries. What city is your favorite and what city disappointed you the most?

3. Ask Something Related to Their Profiles: It’s a little manipulation that makes your match reply quickly; based on human psychology. It works because we like attention and when someone asks something about our personal life and something we are delighted to talk about; we answer. Your match writes things she or he wants to talk about; these are the hints you can always trust and use. You’ll get a response back for sure and your question will be a good ice breaker. For example;

* I love the restaurant you work at! My personal fav is chicken with oyster sauce. How long have you been working as a cook there?

* It seems likes you’re into extreme sports. What is the most dangerous but exciting thing you have ever done?

In short; with these little tricks to gently convince your match to reply to you; you can chat online with friends you meet on the dating websites and connect with your matches based on common interests. If you want to try one of the most preferred singles dating app; join Waplog down below now.

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